Hi Framers,

Further to my mail on element <NoName>,  I've brought down my document and
EDD to three elements to zero-in on the problem and I believe it is about
Root Element not being handled.

In Frame 7.0:

EDD                                                           Document

Chapter (Root Element)
 -------------ChapterName                                ChapterName
 -------------Overview                                       Overview
 -------------Para                                             Para

In the conversion table, all elements are mapped to the proper para format
except the root element (Chapter). Apparently, the root element chapter is
not being handled and in place of that <NoName> is appearing. I can fix it
by Re-Wrapping the elements in the document but am not able to figure out
how I can avoid this problem altogether.

I am aware that in Frame 7.2, this can be handled with RE: , which is not
working in 7.0.

Please suggest.

Gyanesh Talwar
"Bunbu Itchi"

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