My gut feel is that these EPS files with Arial created
by CorelDRAW are not quite kosher in terms of what is
embedded as a font. Check your EPS save options and
make sure that CorelDRAW is not converting the TrueType
Arial font to an unhinted Type 1 font. 

        - Dov

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> From: David Boss
> Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 9:54 AM
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> Subject: Weird PDF problem
> I am having a strange problem with PDF files with EPS 
> graphics that contain the Arial font. When you look at the 
> graphics in the PDF at normal size, in all instances the 
> letter "l" appears much wider than the rest of the letters so 
> the text looks very odd. If you start zooming in, by 400% 
> they only look slightly heavier and by 800% they look normal. 
> There's no problem with printed pages, so I assume it's only 
> a display problem. And If I change the font the problem 
> disappears (unfortunately I have a book with about 40 
> complicated graphics so changing fonts is not a viable option). 
> I verified the problem in Acrobat 7 Professional and Acrobat 
> Reader 7 on my computer and using Reader 7 on another system. 
> On a third system with Reader
> 5 the text appeared OK although not as clear, but when I 
> installed Reader 7 it too showed the same problem. And it 
> doesn't matter how the PDF files are generated -- FrameMaker, 
> PageMaker, save as PDF, print to Adobe PDF, etc.
> and whether text is saved as text or curves in the EPS file 
> when exporting from Corel Draw.
> All systems are running Windows XP SP2 and have different 
> graphics cards.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> David Boss

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