Quite frankly, this doesn't sound like any symptom
that we are aware of. Although Acrobat does indeed
work with various antivirus programs, perhaps you
can advise as to what antivirus programs, firewalls,
anti-adware etc. programs you may have running and
whether temporarily disabling same solves the problem.
Acrobat 7 does check for on-line updates at start-up
and perhaps something you have installed is killing
the process for doing so?!?!?

        - Dov 

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> From: John Pitt
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> Subject: Re: Acro 7 Pro dies without warning
> Mark,
> I wasn't absolutely certain that I had followed the correct 
> procedure as you outlined -- so I reinstalled, and checked 
> for rogue traces of old installations, etc., again.
> But it is the same story. On my home login, Acrobat dies 
> about 60 seconds after opening; at the only client site I 
> have visited since being afflicted, it is about 10 seconds.
> Distiller works fine -- but I can't do anything to my PDFs 
> once they are made. And I bought 7 so I could take advantage 
> of its ability to compile referees' reports, etc.
> jjj

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