Technically, mostly, realistically, NO.


Always looking for workarounds there are a few things to consider. If what you 
need is to extract data that is available to FM in the same way that paragraphs 
are for the TOC, you could build a custom doc using that method. For example, 
if you need to consolidate all code samples and you have two tags: CodeTitle 
and CodePhrase.

Build a 'generated file' in Frame and include both CodeTitle and CodePhrase 
into it. Then tweak the paragraph tags (for format) and the reference pages (to 
get rid of the default . I've done this for code and it works pretty well.

If you use structured Frame, consider reviewing 
and check into the tools that Russ has for FrameSLT. It does a far better job 
of extracting specific content. Finally, there is FrameScript and I've used 
that to do exactly what you asked.

With FS I take unstructured files and copy only relevant portions to a new 
document, including all markers, links, xrefs, tables images and so on.

Hopefully one of these ideas will do the trick for you.


Bernard Aschwanden
Director of Technology and Publishing Architecture
Bright Path Solutions

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Hello Framers

I am using PC verison of Frame 7.2.
Is it possible to *extract some specific data from other fm files into a
main fm file* through a command run?
i am not aware of any macros (other then keyboard macros) in Framemaker.

Please advise.

Thnx for your help


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