You don't mention the setup on the Reference Pages of your TOC file,
which is what controls the formatting of the TOC entries as far as
what variables are invoked. The other info you provided controls the
formatting of the TOC entries, but not the content of them.

Page through the reference pages until you reach the section that
contains the TOC entries -- standard title is "Table of Contents
Specification." There's one entry for each type of tag you include --
a line for heading1, a line for heading2, etc.

I'm betting that the entries don't contain or use the <$chapnum> .

You probably have something like <$paratext> <$pagenum> in place and
you need to have
<$paratext><$chapnum>-<$pagenum>. Be sure to include tab stops where

Make the change, save the file, and update again.


On 10/2/06, James Dyson <jdyson at kvh.com> wrote:
> Good morning,
> I was hoping someone could help me. This is probably an easy fix for
> many of you. I have a book containing several chapters, and those
> chapter numbers update just fine when I choose update book. However,
> when I generate a TOC, each chapter # on the TOC is numbered 1. Here is
> some data that might be helpful diagnosing this:
> In the TOC, the autonumber format of the chapter level paragraph format
> is:
> S:<$chapnum>\t
> Under Format/Document/Numbering for Chapter 1 only:
> *       Use Same Number as Previous File is selected for Chapter 1 only
> (since TOC precedes it)
> Under Format/Document/Numbering for each other chapter file within the
> book:
> *       Continue Numbering from Previous File in Book
> Under Format/Document/Numbering for the TOC:
> *       Chapter # 1 [is manually selected]
> Your help would be greatly appreciated! I know a workaround, but I'd
> rather get it right.

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