Good morning,

I was hoping someone could help me. This is probably an easy fix for
many of you. I have a book containing several chapters, and those
chapter numbers update just fine when I choose update book. However,
when I generate a TOC, each chapter # on the TOC is numbered 1. Here is
some data that might be helpful diagnosing this:

In the TOC, the autonumber format of the chapter level paragraph format

Under Format/Document/Numbering for Chapter 1 only:
*       Use Same Number as Previous File is selected for Chapter 1 only
(since TOC precedes it)

Under Format/Document/Numbering for each other chapter file within the
*       Continue Numbering from Previous File in Book

Under Format/Document/Numbering for the TOC:
*       Chapter # 1 [is manually selected]

Your help would be greatly appreciated! I know a workaround, but I'd
rather get it right.

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