I recently posted a message with the subject "Width of table titles." In 
it I said that when my table title paragraph tag has the flush left 
property, the text rect that contains the title changes to become as 
wide as "the whole column." I should have said it changes to become as 
wide as the whole text column that the table is in.

Since my tables are generally narrower than the text column they're in, 
this is a problem. I don't want the titles to be wider than the tables. 
I can't find any way to make the titles narrower when the title 
paragraph tag is flush left. The minute I change the title para tag to 
be centered, the text rect that contains the table title changes to 
become exactly the width of the table. But as luck would have it, I 
don't like centered titles. I like flush left titles.

What puzzles me is that I've used FrameMaker for over 15 years and I 
don't remember ever having this problem before. But now it occurs in 
even a brand-new generic FrameMaker file.


Rhea Barron

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