Adobe Illustrator CS2, FrameMaker 7.0, Acrobat Pro 6, Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8

I am inserting the same raster graphic into a FrameMaker document in two sizes, 
one scaled down slightly, the other scaled down a lot. The graphic is supplied 
as an EPS. The problem I'm seeing is that the highly scaled version shows 
pixellation in PDFs created from FrameMaker.

I know this can be avoided, because the designer's proof, created in Quark, 
does not show this pixellation on the highly-reduced graphics.

I have tried both EPS and PDF output from Illustrator. PDF imports look a great 
deal better in FrameMaker,  but are still pixellated in the PDF created from 
the document. I have also tried doing the scaling both in Illustrator and in 
FrameMaker, but the results are more or less the same.

I am making sure that the raster effect resolution in Illustrator is 300 dpi. 
Maybe I should set it higher? Or maybe it's a FrameMaker import thing? Or 
there's something else obvious that I'm missing?

Any advice welcome.

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