Adobe did indeed make a v7.0 for Mac. EBay is one option for getting  
a copy. If you use identical fonts on both platforms there really  
shouldn't be any issues. We use that same setup in a professional  


On Oct 6, 2006, at 8:12 AM, Neil Tubb wrote:

> Hey Framers,
> I use Frame 7.1 for Windows at work, but use a PowerPC Mac at home. I
> would really like to be able to work a bit from home, so was wondering
> if it would be worth picking up Frame 7.0 for Mac. So:
> 1. Did they actually make Frame 7.0 for Mac...I keep reading about an
> upgrade, but not a real product. I realize it is now discontinued.
> 2. Are there big problems going back and forth between the two
> platforms? I have an old (5.5) version on my Mac currently, but going
> the Save to MIF route has resulted in no end of weird issues.
> Thanks in advance,
> Neil

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