> 1. Did they actually make Frame 7.0 for Mac...I keep reading about an
> upgrade, but not a real product. I realize it is now discontinued.
Yes--as mentioned, you are probably hunting for a used copy now.
Just be sure that the license transfer is part of the deal, so you become
the official owner.
> 2. Are there big problems going back and forth between the two
> platforms? I have an old (5.5) version on my Mac currently, but going
> the Save to MIF route has resulted in no end of weird issues.
At this point, I believe all version 7 files are compatible. You biggest
issue will be fonts--you will need Mac versions of the exact fonts used.
Even then, you might get some reflow. This may not be an issue if you are
just editing at home, not worrying about the layout. If you are using good
ol' Arial and TNR, be aware that the Mac versions are NOT the same fonts.
(On a minor note: if creating EPS files on a Mac, be sure to save with an
8-bit color TIFF preview, not the default Mac preview.)

Another option is to upgrade to an Intel Mac. You can run Windows on it a
number of ways, and there is a beta program that lets you run Windows
software directly on the Mac.

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