Gillian Flato wrote:
> Guys,
> Frame 7.0 p495
> Acrobat 7.0 Professional
> on a network drive
> I am having a problem where when I create a PDF, it becomes corrupted
> and I can't delete or move it. I can open it, but that's it. But this
> means that when I change the software, I can't rebuild the PDF so it's
> critical. Any suggestions.

If you can open it, then it's highly unlikely that it's corrupted. More 
likely there is some network setting or a *.lck file that is making it 
read-only. Check for yourfilename.lck files on the network drive; they 
prevent two users from changing the same document simultaneously, but if 
they don't get erased properly when you close the file, you won't be 
able to delete or move it. (And you *are* closing the file before 
attempting to move or delete, right? You can't delete an open file...)


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