Gillian ---
    I'm arriving late to the party, but have you tried saving the file
out as MIF and then opening the MIF file?  That often works for me.
Other hacks are to save it out as text (or even RTF) and then open that
file (often requires retagging or indexing, but sometimes that's the
lesser pain.)


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From: Gillian Flato
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Subject: RE: Corrupted PDFs


I have full access to that directory. And it doesn't happen to all PDFs,
just specific ones that all come from the same source document, which is
a legacy document. It's been updated many times.

And I have rebooted, it doesn't help. Any suggestions? 

Thank you,

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If you can indeed OPEN and view the PDF file in
either Reader or Acrobat, the file is not "corrupted."
An inability to delete or move a file is not indicative
of file corruption, but rather, that some program is
holding the file "open." That program may be on your
system or perhaps the server itself or some other user
on the network. Note that sometimes even though you think
you have ended a run of Acrobat, it still is running for
a while and may have some files open.

Another possibility is that you put the file into a
network directory for which your access privileges are
setup to allow you to open existing files or even create 
files in that directory, but not delete or otherwise mess
with file attributes.

Some simple things to try: Reboot YOUR computer. If your
computer was the culprit, i.e., some program holding it
open, then the reboot should clear it.

If the reboot doesn't clear the problem and you KNOW that
no one else on the network is accessing that file, you
should have your network administrator check your access
privileges on the server and specifically for the directory
in question. You clearly need read, write, file create, file
deletion, file attribute modification, etc. privileges for
that directory.
        - Dov

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> Gillian Flato wrote:
> Guys,
> Frame 7.0 p495
> Acrobat 7.0 Professional
> on a network drive
> I am having a problem where when I create a PDF, it becomes corrupted
> and I can't delete or move it. I can open it, but that's it. But this
> means that when I change the software, I can't rebuild the 
> PDF so it's critical. Any suggestions.

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