Hi, Tammy:

If you're using a copied or renamed or otherwise "recycled" book file, 
you're probably picking up information from it in the TOC you're 
creating. Have you tried creating a new book file and adding the new 
document file to it, then adding the TOC and generating? What results?


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Tammy Van Boening wrote:
> Oh yea - the other thing. The page size/margins on the body page of the
> TOC look just fine, but when I open the reference page, the actual text
> entry area is reduced significantly and the margins are shifted. On the
> body page, I have a 1 inch margin on the left and one inch on the right.
> On the Reference page, the left margin is shifted over to 0.25 and the
> right margin is now over 2.5 inches. 
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>> From:        Tammy Van Boening  
>> Sent:        Thursday, October 12, 2006 8:55 AM
>> To:  framers at lists.frameusers.com
>> Subject:     Major problems with generating TOC
>> Framemaker 7.2 on Windows XP.
>> I am trying to something very basic and simple - create a TOC for a
>> book. Right now, I have but a single file in the book. I use Add >
>> Table of Contents, select the paragraph tags that I want to include in
>> the TOC, then generate the book. When I open the TOC and go to view
>> the reference page to format the TOC entries, the TOC reference page
>> shows absolutely no entries for any of the paragraph tags that I have
>> selected. Instead, it shows entries for tags that do not exist
>> anywhere in the single file for which I am generating the TOC and this
>> file was not created from an existing template/file. This single file
>> was created totally from scratch. 
>> That is, I have chosen Heading1, Heading2, and Heading3 to generate my
>> TOC. When I open the TOC Reference page, I don't see any of the
>> following entries: Heading1TOC, Heading2TOC, and Heading3TOC. Instead,
>> I see a bunch of weird entries with buried end of flow symbols and tab
>> symbols and only the first two are selectable and editable. I cannot
>> select anything else on the Reference page.
>> I am absolutely stymied by this. In all of my years of using
>> Framemaker, I have never seen anything like this in my life. Any and
>> all help is sincerely appreciated.

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