Hi Tammy,

That sounds as if you have 2 text frames on your reference
page: You can select the top one and have problems to select
the bottom one.

Did you check what happens when you move the text frame? Does
another one appear?

Best regards


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> Subject: Major problems with generating TOC
> Framemaker 7.2 on Windows XP.
> I am trying to something very basic and simple - create a TOC for a
> book. Right now, I have but a single file in the book. I use 
> Add > Table
> of Contents, select the paragraph tags that I want to include in the
> TOC, then generate the book. When I open the TOC and go to view the
> reference page to format the TOC entries, the TOC reference page shows
> absolutely no entries for any of the paragraph tags that I have
> selected. Instead, it shows entries for tags that do not 
> exist anywhere
> in the single file for which I am generating the TOC and this file was
> not created from an existing template/file. This single file 
> was created
> totally from scratch. 
> That is, I have chosen Heading1, Heading2, and Heading3 to generate my
> TOC. When I open the TOC Reference page, I don't see any of the
> following entries: Heading1TOC, Heading2TOC, and Heading3TOC. 
> Instead, I
> see a bunch of weird entries with buried end of flow symbols and tab
> symbols and only the first two are selectable and editable. I cannot
> select anything else on the Reference page.
> I am absolutely stymied by this. In all of my years of using 
> Framemaker,
> I have never seen anything like this in my life. Any and all help is
> sincerely appreciated.
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