I have used FrameMaker and ClearCase before. I don't particularly see a
need to link together all the files in a book within ClearCase, unless
you're going directly from ClearCase to FM or invoking ClearCase from FM
itself. Of course, you have to treat FM files as binary; you can't
compare unstructured files and comparing MIF or SGML/XML files makes
little sense.

PDFs also have to be treated as binary. Also be sure to test your files
between platforms if you are working in a mixed Windows/UN*X environment.


Tammy Van Boening wrote:
> All,
> New gig here and like so many others have done on this list, getting
> them converted from Word to Framemaker. My SCM guy just stopped by to
> talk to me about getting the Framemaker files into Clear Case. He has
> worked with Framemaker files before (yea!) and seems to remember a long
> time ago that there was a plug-in that helped link all the files in a
> Framemaker book when using Clear Case. Does anyone know of such a
> plug-in or heard of one? And, if you're using Clear Case with
> Framemaker, any helpful tidbits, bites of knowledge, gotcha's, etc. that
> I would need to know would be most helpful. (At previous gigs, we used
> either VSS, so Framemaker files weren't an issue, or CMVC, so we just
> used the PDFs and worked with the deltas between releases.)
> TIA,
> Tammy Van Boening
> Engineering Technical Writer
> InsureWorx
> 303-729-7733
> tvanboening at insureworx.com
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