New gig here and like so many others have done on this list, getting
them converted from Word to Framemaker. My SCM guy just stopped by to
talk to me about getting the Framemaker files into Clear Case. He has
worked with Framemaker files before (yea!) and seems to remember a long
time ago that there was a plug-in that helped link all the files in a
Framemaker book when using Clear Case. Does anyone know of such a
plug-in or heard of one? And, if you're using Clear Case with
Framemaker, any helpful tidbits, bites of knowledge, gotcha's, etc. that
I would need to know would be most helpful. (At previous gigs, we used
either VSS, so Framemaker files weren't an issue, or CMVC, so we just
used the PDFs and worked with the deltas between releases.)



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