Structured FrameMaker 7.0, Mac, OS X 10.4.8.

I am going nuts here.

I made a change to the height of the text frame on left/right master pages. I 
reapplied the master pages: the body pages did not change.

Now get this: if I draw a small measuring line on a master page that is the 
length of the gap between the top of the main text frame and the top of the 
page, then cut it and paste in onto a body page, *the text frame on the body 
page becomes correct*, i.e. it takes on the definition of the master page.

Removing the line and moving forward and back through the pages causes the body 
page text frames to revert to their previous, wrong, dimensions.

Let me summarize: changes made to master pages in this document refuse to be 
applied to body pages.

Is there something I'm missing here...?


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