I previously posted about some really weird things to do with master pages that 
apparently 'refused' to be applied. I thought folks might be interested in the 
reasons for what turned out to be, not one illusion, but two.

I was suffering from two 'problems':

1. In one part of the book, the body pages apparently refused to accept a 
change to the height of the main text frame on the master page.

2. Some pages appeared to 'reject' the master pages by refusing to display a 
page number.

Issue 1 was caused by a weirdness to do with the page zoom. Although all parts 
of the book had the same page size and the same zoom setting, without my 
noticing it, the problem section (the Preface) was not actually displaying the 
entire page to the top, leading to the visual illusion that the main text flow 
was the wrong height. Only a careful comparison of the vertical ruler revealed 
this. I have no idea of its cause, but dropping the zoom by 5% for all parts of 
the book 'cured' the 'problem'.

Issue 2 was a little more subtle. Again in the preface, the right page footer 
contained a Running H/F and a Roman page number. The Running H/F was not 
actually used in the Preface, and contained one blank space. On one page, and 
one page only, xxvii (which should have been a clue), the right-tab stop 
settings of the footer interacted to prevent the page number being displayed at 
all, leading to the illusion that the master page was not being applied. A 
small adjustment to the tab stop preceding the page number restored it.

Moral: things often 'aint what they seem.


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