My SCM guy is swearing that Framemaker and Clear Quest/Case don't play
nicely together. I am not even remotely knowledgeable enough about Clear
Quest/Case to refute any of his concerns. At previous gigs, we used
either CMVC and therefore, just checked in/out the PDFs (never had to
deal w/ the Framemaker source files) or VSS, which meant that Framemaker
source files were not an issue. VSS handled them just fine. If anybody
can provide any insight whatsoever about using Framemaker and having
Clear Quest/Case as your source control tool that would be great. Is
there anything special that I have to do with the Framemaker source
files. (Right now, my SCM guy wants me to save them as XML files - I
can't intelligently explain as to why this is his reasoning), and I
don't see any need to link the Framemaker files in a book in Clear Case,
but he says that has to be done and he needs to figure out how. So, any
and all advice is appreciated.

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