Working on a design doc., some of which will translate into the User's
guide information. My developer's are referring to everything as a
screen. However, I am working in an HTML-rendered environment, so I
would like to use "page", especially since (as per MS's Manual of Style
for Tech. Pubs), a "screen" is defined as the graphic portion of  a
visual output device and this definition cross-references display and
monitor. For the "pop-ups" that may open when a user clicks on an option
on the page, the developers are using the term window. At other gigs, we
have used dialog box, pop-up dialog box, pop-up, and pop-up window, so
obviously, the terminology can be all over the board. Summation - I am
wanting to use the following terms:

 Pop-up Window (for the classic pop-up available on a web page) 
Tabs (available on the page) 

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, disagreements, comments from
similar experiences? 



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