Hi Kevin,

Seems to me you have two options, given the parameters you have
described. Both of the following options assume that you are working on
the final version of the index, touching it up prior to final

*  If you want the majority of your Index Level 2 paragraphs to remain
with their respective Index Level 1 paragraphs, you can select and apply
"Keep With Previous Pgf" to all Index Level 2 paragraphs, and then
override just the ones you want to break. This is awkward, though, and
you already indicated that you would prefer not to use the "Previous
Pgf" setting on your Level 2s. I would agree. So that leaves you with:

* (The better option, in my opinion) You can clear the "Next Pgf" and
"Previous Pgf" settings for both index levels, and update all (apply it
across the entire index). Then go through the index, and in those
(probably very rare) cases where you have a Level 1 at the bottom of a
column and its Level 2 entries at the top of the next, override the
setting with "Next Pgf" for just that one Level 1 entry. 

Both options require manual massaging, which is why I recommend that you
wait until you are sure you're working on the final version, but they
are the only ways I know to get the output you want.

Chuck Beck 

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Subject: pagination of formats in an index

hi all,


I have an index with two levels of entries, and for the pagination, the
top level entry is set to 'keep with Next paragraph'. However, if I have
several consecutive top level entries with no sub entries below them,
and they coincide with the bottom of a column on my page, I can end up
with several blank lines at the bottom of a column, because it's keeping
them all in a block and sucking them up to the top of the next column. 

Like this:

Index Level 1
  Index Level 2
Index Level 1
Index Level 1
Index Level 1
Index Level 1
Index Level 1
  Index Level 2

In this scenario, if that block of level 1's was near the bottom of the
column, to obey the 'keep with nxt paragraph', they go to the top of the
next column, en masse. The reason I care about this now is that this
particular index just happens to end up being slightly longer than an
even number of pages, so I end up with just a couple of lines on my last
page, followed by another blank page (to make the total even). So I was
just looking for a way to optimize space in the other pages.

other considerations:
 - I want to keep a least the first level 2 with it's level 1 (ie, don't
want a column that ends with a level 1, and it's sub items starting the
next column)
 - but I don't want to set the level 2's to keep with previous, because
in my index bodies I sometimes have very long lists of sub-items for one
main item, so this problem would just be more pronounced.

Email me if you actually read this far, and the problem is still totally

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Hunter

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