Acrobat Distiller was just renamed to Adobe PDF. It's the same type of
logical printer.

Check your ports... you need to have a printer port marked FILE in
order to print to a file. Should have been installed by default, I
think, but it can be created manually too.

Just in passing, although you can generate a .ps file from the Adobe
PDF printer instance, it will automagically create the required .ps
file and distill it without intervention.
When it works the way it should. ;- )

On 9/2/06, Eduardo F. Cidade, Sr. <ecidade at> wrote:
> Fellow Frame Templars, here's the setup first:
> WXP, Frame 7.0xxx, Acro 7.0 (yup, I finally broke down and got it)
> Wise old careful what you wish for.
> I performed the deinstall of Acrobat 5 and accomplished the install of
> Acrobat was long, painful, and rather lengthy, but it did complete.
> Along the way, I noticed two things and this is what I'm ignorant of:
> First, my printer (what I used to call Acrobat Distiller) is gone.  In it's
> place is something called "Adobe PDF"
> Secondly, I have lost my ability to print to a postcript file.....I used to
> have an icon named "File" as a printer....okay, it's a virtual printer, but
> it's the port I would tell the old Acrobat Distiller to print to, enabling
> me to print to a postscript file, or .ps file.
> Now I can't do either as when I try to print to a .ps file, I get a message
> that says "Cannot write to specified print file"

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