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Webworks 2003
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I'm in the midst of formatting some code examples originally written in 
Word. I copy and pasted the code from Word into Frame and it looks fine 
including indented code.

I apply my code style, however, and indented code looks fine in Frame 
(and the resulting PDF), but is flush left in WWP.

I created an indented code style to apply to the indented code and this 
works to indent the code, but it also indents the little asterisk/star 
that identifies the row. For example, each row starts as follows:

* blank.onBlank ()
* Executed whenever the blank state changes.
*     i.e. if the blank changes.
*     i.e. if the blank changes

[I've indented the two lines starting with i.e as an example, but I'm 
not sure they will show up in email.]

Since programmers need to be able to copy and paste these code examples, 
ideally, the asterisk would be flush left with only the code indented.

Any idea how to make this happen in Frame?


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