I have a colleague who is being told that Framemaker is to go bye-bye very 
soon and that she will be needing to use Rational SODA to develop her 
documentation. I have googled this tool (as has she) and if they (as in 
her powers-that-be) want a developer who likes to write, then this would 
appear to be the tool of choice; however, for "classic" end-user 
deliverables such as Sys Admin guides, User Guides, OLH, etc. is does not 
appear to be the tool to use. She is desperately needing some supporting 
arguments/input to validate why Framemaker needs to stay.

Has anybody used this tool? Does anybody know anything about it? Arguments 
for/against using it as a classic TW tool? This list has sooooo many 
literate, articulate and knowledgable folks, I am sure somebody has 
experience with this or can explain the for/against tool arguments and 
help her along - Fred, John, Shlomo, Steve, Peter, Lynn, Kay, Bernard, 
etc. . . . Calling all to arms!



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