I wasn't questioning the FM is dead. I'm just really surprised to see
that they'd replace FM with Soda. To me, that's like replacing Eclipse
with FM!



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My bad - as a technical writer, I should have been much more clear - she
is being told that Framemaker is going bye-bye at her organization
because the powers that be insist Rational Soda will do the same thing -
not Framemaker overall going bye-bye. 

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Re: OT: Question about Rational SODA tool

At 08:46 -0600 5/9/06, Tammy.VanBoening at jeppesen.com wrote:

>I have a colleague who is being told that Framemaker is to go bye-bye
>soon and that she will be needing to use Rational SODA to develop her

And could we have some informed comment on this, please? I know folks
like Bernard get sick of refuting 'FrameMaker is dead' rumors, but they
scare the living wossnames out of the rest of us for whom FrameMaker is
an essential part of our professional lives.


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