At 13:15 -0500 8/9/06, Scott White wrote:

>When we import the raw tab file into frame it is converting the euro symbol
>in the file to the A with the two dots over it. If we import the dollar
>symbol it displays just fine in Frame.

Scott - you are seeing a classic font mapping problem. First off, no font can 
display a Euro symbol if it doesn't *have* a Euro symbol. Forgive me for 
stating the obvious. Secondly, if font A does have a Euro symbol, there is no 
guarantee that another font, or the same font on another platform, will have 
the Euro symbol at the same ASCII value.

What seems to be happening here is that your database uses one ASCII value for 
the Euro, but when that's expressed in FrameMaker with font X, or whatever, 
that ASCII value is mapping to the A-umlaut. Not helpful for you.

I expect the script experts here can come up with a solution based on massaging 
the MIF, or something. If it were only a FrameMaker Platform A to FrameMaker 
Platform B issue, I'd suggest a character tag that mapped to a Euro font 
(that's a font that consists only of Euro characters) to lock it down.

Just looking at Arial here on a Mac, A-umlaut is ASCI 128 and the Euro is ASCII 
219. However, on a PC it's probably different.

Re-reading the above, I see that I haven't offered solution. Sorry.


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