At 08:59 AM 9/12/2006, Dave Shevitz wrote:
>What I would like is to ensure that the converted document is always
>wrapped in a <chapter> tag. Currently, a <chapter> can contain a <title>
>element, a single <itemizedlist> element, and one or more <sect1>
>elements. I've tried to create my conversion table statement to read:
>title, itemizedlist[ChapterBullet], sect1*
>But the chapter element does not appear. When I try:
>itemizedlist[ChapterBullet], sect1*
>The <chapter> element appears, but obviously the title is outside the
>element. It appears, then, that the problem is with the <title> element.
>(Oddly enough, I can wrap the <title> element by itself inside a
><chapter> element. The problem only seems to be when I'm combining the
><title> with the <itemizedlist>.)

   Are you successful in creating a title element? And is there anything 
between the title and the itemizedlist?

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