Hi Ron,

I think maybe we'd need a bit more info. But the short answer is yes,
you can do this.

Now, for the basic how:

1.      Format the text for the link using an appropriate character
format. (We use a "Hypertext" character format that displays the link
text as underlined blue.)
2.      Place the cursor anywhere inside the formatted text.  
3.      In Frame, open the Hypertext dialog box (Special menu >
4.      From the Command drop-down list, select the Go to URL option.
5.      After the prepopulated text (message URL) insert your link code,
using the following syntax:

                mailto:someone at somewhere.com

        where someone at somewhere.com is the email address where you want
to receive the emails.

If you want to have the Subject line automatically populated as well,
add the following: 


where Subject%20Text%20to%20Insert is the text you want to appear in the
Subject field. Note that you should substitute %20 for spaces, to make
sure they appear as spaces. 

Once done, click New Hypertext Marker, and voila! Frame creates the
link. WWPP, by the way, can automatically convert these for online help
as well. 

Assuming the reader, then, has an email client installed on the
computer, this link will automatically call and open a new email window,
using the reader's default email client.

Chuck Beck

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I have a client that wants to call the default email application from
the PDF and  online help (produced with WWP). Putting WWP aside for now,
is there a way to set up a call to an external application, have the
application open and be populated?

Further, can you set it up so that it calls the default email client?


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