We have a number of FrameMaker files that have anchored frames
containing pdf-format graphics made from SolidWorks drawings (imported
by reference, rotated from landscape to portrait, and scaled). When
these files are separately printed to .ps and then distilled to pdf,
everything is fine. When the files are part of a FrameMaker book and the
book is printed to .ps and then distilled to pdf, some pages containing
these graphics will rotate to landscape orientation. 

This does not happen with AutoCad files converted to pdf and imported
into Framemaker, so there is definitely a SolidWorks factor, but only
about a third of the drawing conversions are involved in this rotation
problem. And, what would be different about printing a book versus a
single file? 

Any ideas as to cause or cure would be appreciated.

(FM6, Acrobat 7, XP pro)


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