Hello All,

I will be attending and presenting at the FrameMaker Chautauqua in Austin, 
Texas, November 8-10, 2006. I will be demonstrating FrameMaker automation 
with FrameScript, with an emphasis on structured Frame and XML. FrameScript 
can help you with all areas of FrameMaker production, including conversion 
to structure, and pre- and post-processing of XML files. Travel plans have 
just been finalized so my name is not yet on the Conference schedule, but 
will be shortly.

I would like to make a special offer to those of you working with FrameMaker 
and XML (including DITA). Please give me details on the special challenges 
and problems you may be encountering as you work with structured FrameMaker 
and XML. I will pick one of these challenges and use it as a case study 
during my presentation. If I select your challenge and feature the 
FrameScript solution at the Conference, you will receive the script or 
scripts for free.

No challenge is too big or small, and I will also entertain those dealing 
with unstructured FrameMaker. Please let me know if you have any questions 
or comments. Thank you very much.

I look forward to seeing you at the FrameMaker 2006 Chautauqua!

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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