On the Right and Left master pages, check the position of the text 
frames. Try shifting the text frame on the Right page slightly to the 
right, and on the Left page shift to the left.

When FM places the change bars, it uses the margin width to determine 
which side is closer to/farther from the edge, not the right/left page 
setting as one would expect.


Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:

> When comparing new and old double sided documents, I get the option of
> placing the change bars on the "Side Closer to" or "Farther from Page
> Edge". but in each case, it works just as the left or right side
> options: For "Side Closer to Page Edge" the change bars are placed on
> left side of the column through all of the document and for "Side
> Farther from Page Edge" they will appear at the right side.

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