Thanks, I will try this on Monday.
I was wondering whether the bleeding tabs text frames were
interrupting the regular behaviour.

Have a nice weekend.


On 9/22/06, Ian Hawkins <ihawkins at> wrote:
> On the Right and Left master pages, check the position of the text
> frames. Try shifting the text frame on the Right page slightly to the
> right, and on the Left page shift to the left.
> When FM places the change bars, it uses the margin width to determine
> which side is closer to/farther from the edge, not the right/left page
> setting as one would expect.
> HTH,
> Ian
> Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:
> > When comparing new and old double sided documents, I get the option of
> > placing the change bars on the "Side Closer to" or "Farther from Page
> > Edge". but in each case, it works just as the left or right side
> > options: For "Side Closer to Page Edge" the change bars are placed on
> > left side of the column through all of the document and for "Side
> > Farther from Page Edge" they will appear at the right side.
> >

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