Grant Hogarth wrote:
> Thanks, Peter -- 
> Basically I I'm concerned about a Content Diff so that my reviewers can
> see the difference.
> Unfortunately, I don't have Acrobat Pro (just Standard v6 at the moment)
It might be worth a look at your Acrobat Standard - I'm not sure if it 
does comparisons.

Another approach, while it might be ugly, is to turn on condition 
indicators and show all conditions and save as PDF. The ugly part is 
where text flows - or maybe that's "mis-flows." If you don't have any 
indicators set, choose a color for each condition, but don't use 
magenta. FrameMaker reserves magenta for content that is tagged with two 
or more conditions; the color isn't the result of any known rules of 
color mixing, it's just arbitrary.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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