Hi Grant

You are looking for a way to compare two docs with conditional text. I
do this all the time with Adobe Acrobat Professional (7.0). You MUST
have pro. (We upgraded from 6.0 pro to 7.0 standard, because someone
had extra licenses from an acquisition. I hit the ceiling the second I
opened the program and found no compare feature. So I do know from

Drawbacks (IMHO) with the Acrobat compare:

- side-by-side gets skewed if you added or deleted text so the
pagination is different between the two versions. Then you have to
scroll back and forth to compare. I might be forced to do it - my
engineers will say life is too short...

- legibility of changes - in 7.0 pro, the "older" version uses red
strikeout, the newer version uses blue underline. I find the placement
of the blue can make it hard to read. I view my compares with two
monitors, but still I cannot tell if the new number is an 8 or a 0. I
have to zoom quite a bit to get past the point where there is no doubt
about the number. Of course, I can look in my source, but the point is
that I should be able to see it here. I simply cannot find a place to
change these parameters in Acrobat.

The FM compare is OK for a chapter. Mentally, I can get thrown by
seeing the deletions and additions all together. You have to process
the different color coding and read it accordingly. I find that
tricky. That would be for heavy duty changes. For a light revision, it
might be OK.

Bodvar - do you do a compare of the entire FM book in one step? My
complaint about the FM compare is that it is per chapter. I need to do
the entire book. I am sure there is a FrameScript solution to such a
task, but tell me - is there a built-in method that I have overlooked?


regards, Karen Mardahl

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