Hi all,

I'm stumped over a simple problem: My book includes 12 chapters and
several appendices. Throughout the book, I am using the variable
"<$chapnum>" to display the numbering of chapters and appendices. In the
book file, I am resetting the numbering to "1" and "Alphabetic" for the
first appendix.Therefore, as I page through the document, I see that
FrameMaker correctly numbers the chapter and appendix headings. In other
words, the last chapter is Chapter 12 and the first appendix is Appendix

However, when I generate the TOC, the TOC displays "Appendix M" (not A)
after "Chapter 12". I took over this doc project from another writer, so
I'm not sure how the numbering is supposed to work. Any thoughts on the
RIGHT way to do this?

FM 7.2, windows

Jon Harvey

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