Does [ALT]+70 (on the num pad) insert the ASCII char for F?


Bernard Aschwanden <bernard at> wrote: Hi all:

I'm running into a really odd FrameMaker issue on my laptop. I'm typing and the 
only character that I can't insert is F. Uppcase F.

I try to do so and nothing is inserted. If I type a lowercase F and then apply 
a key sequnce to force uppercase, I see the "F" character with not issues. 
Can't press Shift+f and get anywhere.

I've restarted the application. I've restarted the computer. I've tried this in 
other software and it works perfectly. I tried the 'other' shift key. I tried 
all kinds of other uppercase characters and they work.

Word, email, notepad, excel and more. No issues. Just rameMaker (little joke 
there... It does work in email. See: FrameMaker can drive you crazy at times).

Any help would be fantastic.


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Technologies Expert
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