I have. This is what I did:

1. Generated a Word doc from Robo Help (multiple files).
2. Attached a new template that had all of my Frame paragraph and
character styles.
3. Ran some Word macros that converted all the paragraphs and text
ranges from their original styles to the ones in the Frame documents.*
4. Created a new Frame doc.
5. Imported the Word doc by copy. Use Frame styles.
6. Save as .mif and then save as .fm to remove some of Words hidden
control characters.**
7. Created a conversion table to convert to structured Frame. (This part
is optional.)

* Bulleted and numbered lists were fun. : ) We removed all graphics
because it was easier just to create new screen caps instead of
converting them. 

** We removed all markers (index and x-ref) and reinserted.

Success was ok. Obviously it's a one way trip. And it's not really
repeatable. That is, you don't want to maintain the source in RH if you
use this method. A lot depends on the quality of the docs before
conversion. In our case, the paragraphs were inconsistently styled, and
the quality was not where we really wanted it, so we were doing more
than simply changing file formats.


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So...I have a paper-format user manual which was written in RoboHelp,
and I would like to convert these over to Adobe FrameMaker.

Has anyone on this list ever tried this before? If so, what were your

-Brad Simmons

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