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mathieu jacquet wrote:
> Hi all,
> a question about writing text in a table that has been turned 
> clockwise (or anti..) by 90?. For info, the table is part of a text 
> frame in a master page.
> When I try to select a cell to write in, the whole table is selected, 
> and I fail to write in it. If I turn it back to horizontal, I can 
> write in... I dont' understand, and I don't want to rotate the text 
> frame containing the table each time I want to change the shading, 
> lines or the text!
This is normal behavior when you rotate a FrameMaker page. The trick to 
retaining the ability to edit the table is to rotate the text frame, not 
the page. You'll need to create a new master page (perhaps two, one for 
left pages, one for right pages) this way:

* View > Master Pages
* Special > New Master Page
* Ctrl+Click the main text frame to select it.
* Graphics > Object properties to record the Offset from Top and Left 
dimensions for use later.
* Edit > Cut the selected frame to the clipboard.
* Format > Customize Layout > Rotate Page (clockwise or 
counter-clockwise, whichever works better for the headers and footers).
* Edit > Paste to place the text frame on the master page. Choose 
Template for Body Page.
* Graphics > Rotate 90-degrees counter-clockwise to position the 
insertion point in the top-left corner.
* Graphics > Object Properties to get the text frame properties. Swap 
the Height and Width dimensions to reorient the text frame on the page. 
Swap the Offset from Top and Left dimensions you recorded earlier to 
reposition the text frame.
* Apply this master page to the body page that needs rotation.

This method keeps the text frame oriented correctly, with the insertion 
point in the upper-left corner, while the page on which it appears is 
rotated. Tables can be edited.


Peter Gold
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