Hi, Art:

Have you tried printing the PDF document with comments, from Acrobat, to 
the Distiller printer? There are several options for 
comment-with-document layouts. Import the one you like to FrameMaker.

FrameMaker doesn't give you control over Acrobat layers; InDesign does, 
but I haven't experimented with the comment layers in InDesign...yet!


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Art Campbell wrote:
> I have a PDF in a FM file imported by reference. Although it contains
> several comments (callouts, highlighting, etc.) they don't display in
> FM. I know they're on a different layer in the PDF, but I was figuring
> if they're visible, they're visible all the time.
> I'm going to try opening it in Photoshop and maybe flattening it, but
> does anyone have an idea how to make them display in FM? I'd like to
> keep them "live."

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