Good advice, indeed. My experience with eBay has been ya pays yer money and ya 
takes yer chances (think John Wayne). 

Like Bruce, I got scammed something fierce on eBay purchases of Adobe software 
and received zero support from either eBay or PayPal (separate entities at the 

OTOH, I've also gotten good deals on legitimate software, WebWorks in 
particular. In both cases, STC raffle winners had no use for WebWorks and were 
glad to get a few hundred dollars for their prizes.

...Susan Modlin

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Good advice.

My experience happened several years ago and Ebay
backed the scammer.  As I remember my conversation
with the Adobe representatives, Ebay wasn't very
cooperative with them, either.

Subsequently, a substantial amount of evidence of
fraud and a lack of oversight by Ebay emerged in the
popular press.  Ebay then made the changes to the way
it does business that you reference.


--- Bodvar Bjorgvinsson <bodvar at> wrote:

> When buying through such channels always check for
> the serial number.
> Scammers won't reply, as they fear they will be
> exposed.
> EBay gives you a certain security here if you do
> things the right way.
> Ask the seller the necessary questions before you
> buy and to that
> through the e-bay system, not by regular e-mail. If
> the seller scams
> you after that, you will most likely get refunded,
> at least if you
> have used PayPal for payment. You can learn about
> all this on the
> e-Bay website.
> I have ha no unfortunate experiences on e-Bay yet,
> except once when I
> was buying some old LP. It may just as well have
> been lost in the
> superior US Postal system.
> Not all e-Bayers are dumping software because an
> upgrade is coming.
> Some just have purchased too large stock or one that
> does not sell in
> their shop (often because they don't know what kind
> of software this
> is -- especially true with special software like
> FM), and maybe they
> have a dumb rule that says after so and so long time
> on stock: dump.
> Some times there has been a merger (no!!!)...
> Bodvar

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