Hi, Lin.

I use the Leximation BookVars plugin all the time and like it a lot -
really saves me a lot of time in my book level documentation work.

Consider this an unsolicited recommendation from a satisfied user! :)


Scott Prentice wrote:
> Hi Lin...
> You may want to take a look at a plugin we offer called BookVars.
>    http://www.leximation.com/tools/info/bookvars.php
> This lets you maintain multiple variable definitions that can be swapped 
> in for each other as needed. It sounds like it would do what you're 
> looking for. Use the free 30-day trial to see if it works for you. Let 
> me know if you have any questions.
> Regards,
> ...scott
> Scott Prentice
> Leximation, Inc.
> www.leximation.com
> +1.415.485.1892
> Lin Surasky wrote:
>> Hi all-
>> I'm reasonably certain you can't set conditional text within a variable,
>> which in essence is what I want to do so.... How would you do this?
>> I'm on Windows XP, Unstructured FM 7.2, no FrameScript :(
>> I need to generate release notes for a suite of applications; each
>> application gets its own book (consisting of a cover, TOC and chapter(s)
>> for content). In addition, each CUSTOMER gets their own version of the
>> release notes for each application they receive. Obviously, this is a
>> job for conditional text. Or is it variables? ;-)
>> What I have so far is a single template that contains a condition for
>> each application in the suite. For a particular application, all I need
>> to do is hide all conditions except the one I'm working on, and I have
>> the title, footer, and logo for the application all displayed as they
>> should be. When all conditions are showing, the footer and title page
>> are a mess, because they're full of "XXX AAA Release NotesXXX BBB
>> Release NotesXXX CCC Release Notes..." Obviously, I can save some space
>> by changing the variable definitions (used for the title and the footer)
>> to just the name of the application and leave XXX Release Notes in plain
>> text. But I still have multiple variables (one for each application in
>> the suite: AAA, BBB, CCC, etc.)
>> The question is, is there a way to maintain this with only one variable
>> definition, or do I still need to have a different variable definition
>> for each application? In theory, what I want is to define a single
>> variable (i.e., Module Name) that will display AAA, BBB, or CCC
>> depending on which condition is showing. In practice, I know you can't
>> do it this way, but is there a simpler way than what I have set up
>> already?
>> Any insight from the pros is much appreciated!
>> -Lin

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