Hi all-

I'm reasonably certain you can't set conditional text within a variable,
which in essence is what I want to do so.... How would you do this?
I'm on Windows XP, Unstructured FM 7.2, no FrameScript :(

I need to generate release notes for a suite of applications; each
application gets its own book (consisting of a cover, TOC and chapter(s)
for content). In addition, each CUSTOMER gets their own version of the
release notes for each application they receive. Obviously, this is a
job for conditional text. Or is it variables? ;-)

What I have so far is a single template that contains a condition for
each application in the suite. For a particular application, all I need
to do is hide all conditions except the one I'm working on, and I have
the title, footer, and logo for the application all displayed as they
should be. When all conditions are showing, the footer and title page
are a mess, because they're full of "XXX AAA Release NotesXXX BBB
Release NotesXXX CCC Release Notes..." Obviously, I can save some space
by changing the variable definitions (used for the title and the footer)
to just the name of the application and leave XXX Release Notes in plain
text. But I still have multiple variables (one for each application in
the suite: AAA, BBB, CCC, etc.)

The question is, is there a way to maintain this with only one variable
definition, or do I still need to have a different variable definition
for each application? In theory, what I want is to define a single
variable (i.e., Module Name) that will display AAA, BBB, or CCC
depending on which condition is showing. In practice, I know you can't
do it this way, but is there a simpler way than what I have set up

Any insight from the pros is much appreciated!

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