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>Have you tried copying the format of an overridden example paragraph to 
>the clipboard, then pasting it where you want to apply it?
>To repeat this action on other paragraphs that use the same format, (tap) 
>Escape (tap) j (tap) j; lowercase matters. This repeats the last paragraph 
>format action; pasting the format stops when you copy other content to the 
>If you need to apply the override to different paragraph formats, create 
>examples in a separate FrameMaker file, and copy special from it.

When applying the "keep with next" property to a paragraph and then using 
the Repeat Last Paragraph Action shortcut in another paragraph, the entire 
set of paragraph properties is applied (together with the tag name), 
including the override. Using this shortcut makes the operation highly 
tag-specific (this equally applies to copy special > pgf format + paste).

If the Keep with Next override is only needed with a small number of 
paragraph formats, it is likely better to have "official" paragraph tags 
with the needed settings (not as overrides), or to have  additional 
paragraph tags that minimize the need to apply pagination overrides.

Shlomo Perets

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