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> Peter,
> You wrote:
>> Have you tried copying the format of an overridden example paragraph 
>> to the clipboard, then pasting it where you want to apply it?
>> To repeat this action on other paragraphs that use the same format, 
>> (tap) Escape (tap) j (tap) j; lowercase matters. This repeats the 
>> last paragraph format action; pasting the format stops when you copy 
>> other content to the clipboard.
>> If you need to apply the override to different paragraph formats, 
>> create examples in a separate FrameMaker file, and copy special from it.
> When applying the "keep with next" property to a paragraph and then 
> using the Repeat Last Paragraph Action shortcut in another paragraph, 
> the entire set of paragraph properties is applied (together with the 
> tag name), including the override. Using this shortcut makes the 
> operation highly tag-specific (this equally applies to copy special > 
> pgf format + paste).
I agree. My suggestion was for the case where one paragraph format needs 
the override often. I suggested the separate file to make it easy to 
choose among several different paragraphs.
> If the Keep with Next override is only needed with a small number of 
> paragraph formats, it is likely better to have "official" paragraph 
> tags with the needed settings (not as overrides), or to have  
> additional paragraph tags that minimize the need to apply pagination 
> overrides.
As you know, there are two schools of thought on this:

* Overrides for page-flow tweaking are GOOD, because importing the file 
to itself with Remove Overrides makes it easy to clean up a file for the 
next iteration or revision. Dedicated paragraph format variations for 
different page breaks or keep with behavior is BAD because removing the 
custom tweaking is more effort.

* Dedicated paragraph format variations are GOOD for page-flow tweaking, 
because they are stable and are proof against Remove Overrides actions.

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