Thanks for your response.

I found some information about where to find missing fonts, but it would 
have been very time consuming to go though the whole list of 
possibilities. After searching for the font that Frame used as a 
replacement and not finding it. I figured it couldn't hurt to turn off 
"Remember Missing Fonts" temporarily.

Shmuel Wolfson

Art Campbell wrote:
> This should be all over the 'net, because it's a FAQ, but:
> If you don't care about the fonts, under FM Preferences, turn off
> "Remember Missing Fonts," open all the files, and save all the files.
> Update and save again.
> If you do care about the fonts, look on the master and reference pages
> for objects that may contain the missing font. Don't overlook fonts
> used in graphics. If that doesn't help, save the file(s) as MIF and
> open each one with an ASCII editor. Search for the text string that
> describes the font and replace it with a known-good font. Be very
> careful not to modify  anything else in the file.
> Art
> On 4/17/07, Shmuel Wolfson <sbw at> wrote:
>> I have a FM file that uses unavailable fonts. The FM message is:
>> The "CenturySchoolbook,Italic Italic" Font is not available.
>>   "Times New Roman Italic" will be used in this session.
>> There is not Times New Roman Italic in the font list, so I searched for
>> the "Times New Roman" font and replaced it with another font.
>> Unfortunately, I still get the same message. Any ideas? It won't let me
>> update the book this way.
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