Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> Framers,
> I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. My client and I are both
> seeing this odd and inconsistent behavior and neither of us can explain or
> fix it. :o
> Our template has side heads set up and several table styles. When we insert
> one style of table, both the table and
> the table title will go all the way to across the side head area. When we
> insert another table style, they don't. Both table styles and the table
> title style are set to 0 First and 0 Left indents (table only has Left, of
> course).
> When we indent the table style that goes across by .25 inches, it aligns
> properly (side head area is just .25 inches), but the table title still goes
> all the way across the side head area.
> We don't want these tables or titles to go across the side head area, so I
> indented the table title style, too, to make it align with the main text.
> That worked for the most part, but sometimes that results in the title being
> indented .25 from the main text because the box the title is in starts at
> the main text margin instead of across the
> side head area.
> The tables are all anchored to paragraphs that are in the main text area,
> not in the side head area.
> I hope this is making sense. The crux of the problem is inconsistent
> behavior of where tables and table titles align in relation to side head
> area. What controls this?

Have you tried anchoring the tables in their own pgfs, either in column, 
or across all columns and sideheads and with the .25 indent? (I don't 
know why your problem is occurring, but one of these might at least work 
around it. If you use the negative space above/below trick, you don't 
end up with any unwanted white space.)


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