The table title frame spans only the text column (without
sidehead area) if the table columns have only the width of
the text column. If the table columns are wider than the
text column, the table title frame spans the text column
plus the sidehead area.

Eventually your table columns are too wide.

Best regards


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> Well, maybe I've found a bug. I assure you the para tag the tables are
> anchored to is set to In Column, but the frame for the table 
> title goes to
> the left side of the side head area when I insert a new table.
> Some existing tables of this same style, anchored to the same 
> para tag, have
> the title frame aligned with the text, that is, not in the 
> side head area.
> Other existing tables similarly anchored have the title frame 
> all the way to
> the side head area.
> So, when I set the table title style to indent, it works fine 
> in tables I
> insert and in some existing tables, but other existing tables end up
> indenting the table title too much, because the title frame 
> is only in the
> main text area.
> Reapplying the table style or para styles or anything else 
> does not help get
> all these tables of the same style to look the same.
> To add to the fun, two different table styles, one set to 0 
> Left and the
> other set to .25 Left, align identically. The title goes all 
> the way through
> the side head area, but the table starts in the main text 
> area (not in the
> side head). Both are anchored to the same para tag type. Are 
> we having fun
> yet???
> It's making me a little nuts. =:o
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> To: Linda G. Gallagher; framers at lists.frameusers.com
> Subject: RE: Table title alignment oddity
> Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> > The tables are all anchored to paragraphs that are in the 
> > main text area, not in the side head area.
> Are you sure? Really? Double-check this in Paragraph Designer's
> Pagination tab. Are the anchor pgfs all set to In Column? It's not
> enough that they _be_ in the column (via an indent setting, for
> instance) -- are they _defined_ as In Column?
> > I hope this is making sense. The crux of the problem is 
> > inconsistent behavior of where tables and table titles align 
> > in relation to side head area. What controls this?
> The anchor pgf is supposed to control this. I've just 
> confirmed this in
> my current doc. We anchor tables in TableAnchor pgfs, which are set on
> the Pagination tab to Across All Columns and Side Heads. 
> A left-aligned table anchored in a TableAnchor pgf starts at the text
> frame edge (in the sidehead area) plus its Left Indent. The 
> Title frame
> above it starts at the text frame edge (in the sidehead 
> area), too, and
> the TableTitle pgf in it is indented by its Left Indent amount. 
> If I change the table's anchor pgf from TableAnchor to 
> FigAnchor (which
> is set to In Column), both the table and its Title frame jump 
> rightward
> into the text column. 
> If you have two tables anchored in identical In Column anchor 
> pgfs, and
> one aligns left across the sidehead area and the other 
> doesn't, I think
> you've found a real bug. 
> Later, Linda also wrote:
> > The table title is set to In Column. Forgot to mention that. 
> That setting actually is irrelevant. The title pgf is in its own text
> frame (if you work with View > Borders on -- and you should, IMHO --
> you'll see it). That frame has a single column with no sidehead. You
> can't change it, either. 
> You can control the placement of the title pgf within the Title frame
> using its indent settings. 
> HTH!
> Richard
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