HTML can be 'normalized' in several automated ways.

Microsoft Word can be a part of the solution -- Word is quite good at 
importing tag-soup HTML. Next step is whatever you usually do to go from 
Word to FrameMaker. I'd try to clean up as much as possible in Word.

If this insn't just a one-off, I'd try using tidy [1]. Tidy can 
transform tag-soup HTML to XHTML, which you can then import to a 
structured FrameMaker document. Tidy comes as a command-line utility, 
but you can also get it integrated into HTML editors such as HTML Kit 
[2] or TopStyle [3], which can also be useful for cleaning up before import.
   This approach requires an initial investment in getting to know tidy 
and FrameMaker's XHTML application.

As usual in conversion projects, it pays off to have a mock-up of the 
final product (complete with TOC and indexes!) and a description, 
feature by feature, of how to get there from the input documents.


kind regards
Peter Ring

Pat Christenson wrote:
> Hi all -
> I have a client who wants to import HTML docs into FrameMaker. My guess 
> is that this will be a copy-and-paste with a lot of manual cleanup. 
> Anybody have any ideas on how to make this less painful?
> Thanks.
> Pat Christenson
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