I'm just getting my feet wet in Mif2Go, and it seems to work pretty well,
with one (so far, for me) exception:

The document I'm trying to export uses paragraph numbering, with each
numbered paragraph set up as follows: a Paralts element containing the
paragraph number, then a Title element with the paragraph title, then a Para
element with any text following the title. I've done this to enable only the
title to be underlined - not the paragraph number or the text. Structure

    <Title> [text]
    <Para> [text]

It looks kinda like this:

1.3    References. Documents referenced in this procedure ....

When I export to rtf, the title and para number switch places, so that it
looks like this:

References1.3. Documents referenced in this procedure ...

I tried deleting the Paralts element and placing the numbering in the Title
element as a workaround, but it STILL put the number after the title!

What the heck?

Al Friend
Safety Officer, Tech Writer/Editor
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

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