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>I'm told this is a long-standing problem, but I'm hoping there's a
>workaround. A coworker has two tables in a document. One table contains
>text that cross-references the content in the other table. When the
>target table is sorted, all the x-ref markers disappear and the
>cross-references to the target table no longer work. When the source
>table is sorted, no problems.
>Any ideas on how to make this work, other than to sort all final content
>first and then insert x-refs? ;-)

This is indeed a long-standing problem -- present since table sorting 
capability was added to FM.

The only workaround I know of is to change the marker type of all 
cross-reference markers (in tables or throughout), leaving the marker text 
unchanged (for example, change the marker type to a custom type, or to 
Comment if not used otherwise).

After the table is sorted, change the marker type back to Cross-reference.

This can be automated with FrameScript or by processing the MIF file.

Shlomo Perets

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